But what if I, what if I trip? 

What if I, what if I fall’? 

Then am I the MonStar

Just let ‘us’ know ~~ 

      The world’s most popular singers – Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber, have  shown us in this their latest beautifully-crafted song, titled Monster, that they have had their failures too. Those are the voices of their vulnerability and rawness behind all the  glamour and façade of success. Society chooses to see the brightness under the  spotlight, but do we see the endless hard work and sleepless night under the  dim light?  

      In Malaysia, we are so used to the system of grades, system of A+’s, and the system of  getting into the “top class” throughout our educational pathways. We are too dependent on the approval from the papers and exams that we forget how amazing we can be just as human beings. The 100% marks on our papers do not define our beings. The mere recognition from the current traditional education system is not pushing us to achieve true wholesome success, but it’s our bodies, minds and spirits that keep us going to reach our personal growth and personality developments!

Gary Vaynerchuck, CEO of VaynerMedia once said: “Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless.” The drive and ‘push’ that keep us going are irreplaceable by anything in this world! We have to believe that:  

“Behind every veil of the face lies a true personality

Behind every skin of the body lies a strong soul

Behind every cell of the brain lies the potential.” 

Monsta strongly believes that too! 

      To celebrate all the talents hiding and lurking behind your dark screens, Monsta  has organized 6 – you heard it right, not 1, but 6 exclusive sessions with amazing  High-Profile Juries like Datuk Nicol David that make us so proud to be Malaysians, for her outstanding performance in the sports field. This shows how there are ways and opportunities beyond just the grading system.

Additionally, we have Vivy Yusof, co-founder of Fashion Valet, Shazmi Ali, Country HR Director of Shell Malaysia, Mac Chung Lynn, Group CEO of Nando’s MY&SG, Tengku Zatashah, Selangor Princess Founder of #sayno2plastics and last but not  least, George Ang, CEO of A&W Malaysia.

The jury name list should have WOW-ed you by now. All of them are splendid talents and successful lifetime learners. Before you judge away their ‘dream life’, there are  stories filled with sweat and tears behind each of their smiles. There are love-hate stories behind fame. There is passion, passion and more passion! Throughout the sessions, not only you could witness all of these, you will also find out that they are all just normal humans, laughing crazily and sharing lame moments during their schoolings, underneath the sparks and lights. 

If you think it’s too far-fetched and impossible to meet these legends, Monsta has you covered. 

During the 6 virtual sessions, you will have fun with them through:

  1. Meet & Interact through networking space & game sessions. 
  2. Get useful tips & advice from Jury’s sharing. 
  3. Network with Young Talent from all around Malaysia to exchange insight.

Before you swipe away, there’s more! Participants can also receive a Certificate endorsed by Monsta, supported by MoHE & JPT, and enjoy exclusive Awards Kits & goodies from partners (Nando’s, Mindvalley, Redbeat Academy, Google Cloud & etc)  delivered right to your doorsteps, just like the surprise gift you bought yourself at  Shopee or Lazada.  

Limited slots only, register your VIP Tickets here before 30 November 2020 :  https://monstarawardsnight2020.paperform.co/ 

      Before finally leaving you with your Facebook scrolls and Instagram double taps, here’s a thought-provoking quote: 

Do not let the system desensitise your talents;  

Let the inner talents sensitize the system.

Stay safe and keep smiling away…  😉


Written by Monsta Admin – Vivian Ho Zi Kuan

Enthusiastic Swimmer

Hopeless RomCom Fan

Amateur Blogger to share my “raw pie