Talent Tug-of-War:

5 ways to make them come to You

By Karen Tan


Young talents are ultra-connected to digital technology and want to engage, be stimulated and god forbid they never want to feel bored. Here’s a fool-proof guide that’s effective, interactive and will help your company grow!

1. Have a strong vision and mission focus

Young talents are in search of meaningful relationships and jobs. They want to connect, align and have shared values with their employers so that they can contribute to a greater cause. 


2. Create engaging content

Content marketing works. Period. It gives you an opportunity to put a face to your brand,  helps make your company more relatable and paves the way for better communication with your employees and potential candidates.


3. Offer growth opportunities 

They’re fresh, young and hungry for knowledge. Show them that you value their worth. Here’s what we did – we launched The Art of Project Management, a 1 month programme which will provide talents a hands-on experience with support & guidance.


4. Be active on social media

Trust us, young talents are on every social media platform. You want to be seen and definitely want to be heard. Making an effort to speak to young people in their language will make them feel that their opinion is valued. 


5. Invest in Interns 

Giving them an opportunity to grow even before hiring shows that you are invested  in them. Virtual internships are here to stay and it is beyond borders! We partnered with Supply Bunny to create a Virtual Internship Guide and this will connect employers to an endless pool of top candidates. 



In today’s digital world, there are a myriad of ways for young talents to look for a job and good talent is hard to come by as many companies are competing for them. But as employers we are responsible to ensure the future of the workplace is sustainable. Let’s build a conducive working environment and a culture they want to be in. 


If you’re new to Monsta Asia and interested in working together to reach potential top talents, book a free consultation slot with us here!  https://calendly.com/gomonsta/60min