Career Success, Start By Understanding Yourself

By Emily Ng Kah Heng

Career success is what every individual strives towards no matter whether you are starting your career or halfway through your career journey. Career success takes effort and heart. It requires the person to go beyond just getting the job done. To achieve it, the person needs focus and drive, as well as a healthy level of respect for the process.

In order to do so, everything starts from within. Therefore, if you want to have career success, you need to first know yourself. What exactly do you know when you say you “know yourself?”

Who you are matters especially when it relates to your career. Knowing what’s important to you is central to your career journey. To develop career ideas and explore your next steps, you need to better understand your interests, values, style, and skills, and how they relate to the meaningful work and the life you want to lead.

Where should I Begin?

(1) Study your generation

36% of managers believe that Generation Z will be more difficult to manage compared to older generations and this causes a gap between employers and Generation Z employees. By studying your generation, you will be able to identify the challenges you will face at an early stage and overcome them as soon as you are facing them.
As you understand your generation better, you can also understand the steps companies are taking to bring in Generation Z talents.


 Gen Z Career Guide

(2) Personality Test

The DISC personality test helps to assess how you work with others and your personality traits. As everyone reacts differently in a particular situation, this test acts as a guide for your personal and professional growth. It fits you into the career that suits your personality most, allowing you to unleash your potential to bring unique value to the workforce.


Personality Test Career Guide


The following are work opportunities by Hydro One who is willing to understand Gen Z’s and your personality.

Manufacturer & distributor of Home Living Improvement & Lifestyle Advancing solutions. Transforms & improves the home living lifestyle so that you and your loved ones can have fun and joyful moments.

  1. Sales Engineer (Outdoor Living Div.): (Link)
  2. Sales Executive (Outdoor Living Div.): (Link)
  3. Creative Executive (Link)


Career success is a two way interaction. By understanding your generation and your own personality, you not only understand yourself better, you also allow employers to understand you better. When there is a mutual understanding, you are able to contribute with your strengths and employers are able to nurture your talents to produce unexpected and great results. This allows you to bring your career to great heights in the future.