3 Reasons Why Young Talents Should Consider A Tech Career (Even If You Have No Tech Skills)

By Lee Shi Yun


When you see an advertisement for a job in a tech-related field, what comes to your mind? Hoodies, big screens with codes, and dark, stuffy offices? Or ping pong tables, free unlimited snacks, and nap rooms?

Or… do you skip past these advertisements without a second glance because “I don’t have a background in computer science”? 

Work opportunities in the tech industry are growing exponentially (and are expected to keep growing in the coming years). The pandemic has opened a new frontier in the way we do things, from our shopping, learning, to consuming news and information, and most importantly — the way we work.  Many companies are transitioning to online, meaning that an abundance of new opportunities in the technology industry are mushrooming!

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider a tech career, even if you have no tech skills.

(1) You don’t need to be a “tech whiz” to be qualified 

Many people believe that a tech career is too hard, and requires a degree or significant training, when in fact, many coders don’t even have a college degree, let alone a degree in Computer Science. Landing a job in tech has never been easier, as long as you have the motivation to take up some tech courses to upskill yourself. 

Besides, no matter what you are skilled in, there’s a tech company who needs you for your non-tech skills. Have a degree in English and have a flair for writing? Some companies may need you to write articles about technology or IT for them. Good at managing social media? Companies could use your expertise to manage their social media accounts and engage customers.

(2) It is a golden opportunity for Gen Z

Generation Z is known for their versatility and ability to pick up new skills quickly. They seek pleasure working in a fast-paced and highly rewarding environment, but also hope for a happy working experience. Plus, tech jobs typically pay better than a non-tech job, and can be done remotely, while providing their workers with flexibility in their schedules, unlike their 9-5 counterparts.

(3) Someone is always hiring

Ever notice that many of the job vacancies these days are somehow tech-related? 

Much like university students during their final exams, the technology industry does not sleep. It is ongoing 24/7, 365 days a year. The same can be said about tech companies out there, big or small. Someone, somewhere, is always looking for talents like you to hire, for a myriad of reasons. 

Since many companies are transforming to online to keep up with the times, tech-related opportunities are blossoming. Some companies may be expanding their business to other countries and need someone to work in your time zone. The possibilities in the tech industry are endless!

Interested in exploring a career in the technology industry? Here is a company you can work in!


Exabytes is a leading website hosting and cloud service provider in Southeast Asia to help businesses grow online. They are seeking a diverse range of talents to be a part of their company. From graphic designing to marketing and sales, Exabytes wants you! Check out their work opportunities here:

Sales Executive 

System Engineer (Linux & Windows)

Alibaba Sales Consultant

Exabytes, which was once a one-man company founded by Mr Chan Kee Siak, has grown by leaps and bounds since 2001, and now consists of several subsidiaries in Southeast Asia with about 300 employees. The story of Mr Chan’s success is proof that the tech industry is ever-growing and in need of a talented workforce. At Exabytes, ExaBees (the employees) are young and energetic, and work alongside managers and team leaders who encourage creativity and uniqueness in ideas. They are given the flexibility and trust to execute their tasks, and plentiful opportunities to learn. Pre-COVID, they would have “Frifast” where ExaBees have breakfast together at the office lobby to gather and mingle around with teammates from different departments. Currently, they have monthly virtual teambuilding activities with ExaBees from Singapore and Indonesia. 

P.S.: Exabytes also has a Gen Y office setup with a gaming room for its employees! How cool is that?


Maxis Culture Page

Maxis Career Opportunities

As Malaysia’s leading converged solutions provider, Maxis is passionate about bringing together the best of technology to help people, businesses and the nation to Always Be Ahead in an evolving world.

Maxis deeply believe that the key element to our success has always been our employees. To realize their shared vision to become Malaysia’s leading converged solutions company, strongly believe in the empowerment of each employee in turning their ambitions into achievements through learning, career mobility and leadership.

Maxis culture thrive in inclusion, diversity and embrace close collaborations for them to create an impact for themselves and others. They embrace an innovative and digital mindset which our employees thrive on, helping them realize their potential and contribute their unique skills to create amazing products and services for our customers.

The only constant in the tech industry is… you guessed it — CHANGE! The surge of technology in our lives has paved the way for careers that no one would have thought to be possible just a few years ago. To say that the past two years were a roller coaster ride would be quite the understatement, and who knows what the future would hold for fresh graduates and job-seekers? 

If you have what it takes to jump onto the bandwagon in the tech industry, the sky’s the limit!