When it comes to Karaoke, everyone can’t wait to rush to the front to grab that microphone so they can sing the entire time, before someone else snatches it away. Again.

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      Music is like food to our bellies, air to our lungs and love to our souls. There are sounds, rhythms and melodies that never stop evolving in our lives. With the right tunes and notes in music, you would feel like your ears are getting “pregnant” ;). From opening the fridge to grab some guilty pleasure foods to lying on the bed doing nothing, sounds are everywhere. That is why there is someone able to create a song with things found in the kitchen! (shoutout to Kurt Hugo Schneider <3)

      Music performance is not as simple as piano chords or guitar strings anymore. It includes but not limited to: EDM, heavy metal and dark pop. That’s how Billie Ellish became famous with her unique moody songs and her edgy, rebellious music style. Youth nowadays find her music very relatable and heart-melting because of how it represents their deep and inner voices. There is no right formula to music, only the right music for the heart.  

      German composer and pianist, Ludwig van Beethoven, once said: “Music can change the world.” Music indeed has no boundaries. Despite being in other languages, these language barriers can’t even stop us from bobbing our heads to those pop and catchy songs,  especially Kpop :D. While there are amazing musicians around the world, please do not forget that our local artists also have just as awesome and beautifully angelic voices as well. To name just a few, there are DOLLA, Elizabeth Tan, Ismail Izzani, Priscilla Abby, and internationally well-known artist, Yuna. Their voices are the ones who soothe us to sleep at night, and pump energy into our hearts during the daytime. If you think we only have these few talents, then you are in for a treat!

In our latest campaign #HPMentorshipProject, Monsta Asia got out there to grab a full hand of young talents who are musically sensitive or just passionate about music. HP Malaysia launched their Creators of Tomorrow Mentorship Project aimed to inspire and enable creativity among the youths of today. Alex Tan, Enterprise Sales Director of HP Malaysia said: “Not everyone has the same opportunities to hone their talents and skills.” That is why HP created this project with Yuna to give opportunities to aspiring musicians for new experiences with an industry professional.

Monsta Asia, believing in the potential of youths, had the privilege to ask 3 of the participants from the #HPMentorshipProject about what drives them to delve into the world of music and why they decided to join this project. Let’s have a look!

#1. Valerie, 26, Assistant Manager at Kitco Precious Metal

 “Music has always been my passion, but I’ve always been hesitant about putting myself out there. This year, however, is the year of change so I’ve decided to take up this opportunity.” – Valerie


#2. Yusrina, 23, Graphic Design, Art & Design student at UiTM

“As an independent performer, I believe that music is a form of expression. It plays a huge part of showing an artistic side, and by just humming, or tapping on the table or strum (sic) your favourite instrument, the sounds will keep you company throughout the day.” – Yusrina


#3. Yi Xian, 22, Psychology student at UNIMAS

“Honestly, I do not have any professional knowledge in the field of music, and I have always look (sic) up to Yuna ever since I first heard her song, “Rescue”. Therefore, I do hope to have the honour to learn from the professional herself regarding the “secret formula” so that I can build up self-improvement in a correct path.” – Yi Xian


These 3 amazing talents show that small steps can lead to big changes. Aside from Valerie, Yusrina and Yi Xian, we had 301 submissions for the HP’s Creators of Tomorrow Mentorship Project. I bet there are more young talents out there that sadly missed out on this golden opportunity to interact with our one and only Yuna! That’s why Monsta Asia is here to explore fields like these and interact with potential young talents like YOU so that everyone can have their chance to rise, and shine.

Monsta Asia is so honored to be part of this opportunity with Yuna! With the belief of “Young Talent” at heart, Monsta Asia is over the moon to be able to collaborate with HP in the mission to scout for “Creators of Tomorrow”. By joining both beliefs, the two parties wish to spread awareness and remind youngsters out there to always stay bold, creative and transparent on what they believe. Who knows what exactly can happen tomorrow? The important thing is that you pursue it with your whole heart, soul and spirit.

Leave no regrets behind, right now, right here!



Written by Monsta Admin – Vivian Ho Zi Kuan

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