How to Turn Problems into Passion

By Naakshectra Nadarajan


Are you ready to face the “adulting” world after many years of grooming yourself in school with all the knowledge?

You might often ask yourself, “Are you truly ready? Do you have what it takes to face all the nasty “problems” life is going to throw you?”.This week, we are going to recap some key points that we have learnt from our Founder, Zhi Ee Chan who spoke on turning problems into passions! 


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What is Your Current Problem

First, identify what is the problem that you are facing right now. Choose ONE problem that you want to solve. 

  1. Relationship
  2. Work
  3. Family
  4. Personal
  5. Financial 

At the end of the day, in every problem we face, we have choices to either face or run away from the problem. You might wonder, what stops us from these problems, and it’s just a simple 1 word: FEAR

When you are facing a problem, you can either Fear Everything And Run OR Face Everything And Rise! So which would you choose? 

5 Steps to Turn Problem Into Passion

  1. Question Yourself 

  2. Write Down 

  3. Practice Every day 

  4. Move! Sweat!

  5. Know where you want to go

Watch the video below  to find out more!


One unique concept she shared was about the Secret of 5P’s. 

  1. Find a big beautiful PROBLEM
  2. Be PASSIONATE to solve it
  3. Have amazing PEOPLE solve it together 
  4. Keep PIVOTING until you find a solution
  5. PERSEVERANCE to keep trying

We may all like to pursue different things, but to find that ONE thing that keeps you driving through life no matter how difficult it is, can be HARD. That one thing that screams YOU and you know that is what you are BORN to do, is not easy to get around.

Well, this passion talk and all might sound very beautiful but let’s be real it is no easy feat to suddenly know what you want to do! That’s why you are the lucky ones to find out WHAT and HOW you can make the 5P’s happen!    

I could honestly relate a lot when some students asked these questions to Zhi Ee. Keep on reading to find out if you could relate too!

Q1: Should I adapt to negative comments? Or ignore them completely?

A: I believe that feedback is breakfast to champions. The first thing is to always reflect on the reason you engage with them. Be rational in reflecting upon their comments and think of how to constantly improve. Never let one comment affect you greatly because, at the end of the day, they do not know you — the true you. Everyone is differently shaped by different experiences.

Q2: How to constantly motivate yourself?

A: Human minds are inclined to compare. Use that “nature to compare” wisely. Focus on the things you already have and be grateful for them. Remember, everyone faces different problems despite the glory you may see they all have on the surface.

Q3: What is your definition of being prepared?

A: Simply put, preparation is divided into three aspects: Mental Preparation, Physical Preparation and Financial Preparation. I make sure I prepare myself in all these aspects before facing anything!


Life can be really complicated, let’s get that straight! However, there are always logical solutions to these problems and from Zhi Ee’s story, I understood that sometimes the toughest step will be to put our problems out there and acknowledge them! Take a leap of faith and take that first step of trying to solve our problems no matter how small that can be, who knows that problems  faced are the dilemmas of many like-minded people, and you taking the initiative to solve that problem might TRANSFORM THE WORLD!

Identify a problem and solve it! The world needs more people like you giving the good change we all need.