Are you a Fire, Water, Earth or Air?

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The MonStar Awards.

We do not just create this award out of thin air (or maybe we do since air does play an important role here)

There is an “elementary” reason why we are doing this. Or you could say, we have exactly 4 “elements” to back us up. 


The Greek philosopher Aristotle first had this theory of 4 elements and created 4 triangular forms to symbolise each element. 

The four elements of fire, water, air, and earth are represented in some way via symbolism in every civilization on earth. It is generally accepted that these four substances support life and enable it to exist on earth.

Also, they are said to be part of our human body. Each element possesses a unique set of characteristics. 

Nothing has an intrinsic good or bad quality only. They are both equally endowed with good and bad qualities. 

Here is a short breakdown of each element to show how similar and relatable we, human beings, are to these 4 elements – and it helps to know ourselves better. 

Element #1 Fire 🔥

Credit: The Goddess Discovery Book V1 ©Zenned Out. 

Fire represents love, desire, passion and energy.

Fire is a warm, dry element that is frequently linked to the sun. It emits light, shielding all living things from the night’s shadows. 

Fire is generally represented by the colours orange, red, and yellow.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the zodiac signs that correlate to the fire element, which is linked to the planet Mars. The solar plexus chakra is where fire, which rules the spirit, is located. Even though fire is undoubtedly a cosy element with many advantages, too much of it may be harmful – anger, obsessive power.

Ask yourself: What do you love to do the most? What fires you up when you are doing, thinking, or hearing of it? (it can be hobbies, interests, and passions.)

#2 Water 💧

Credit: The Goddess Discovery Book V1 ©Zenned Out. 

Water represents rebirth, healing, clarity and intuition.

Water is the most “peaceful” element that is presented in lakes, rivers and oceans. Water is a cleaner and purifier because of its flowing and transformational properties.

Water is represented by blue, grey, silver, and black.

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the zodiacal signs that correlate to the water element, which is connected with Venus. Water sits in the sacral chakra and rules the soul. Water is a calming element, but too much of it may be sad and melancholy – depression, emotionally fragile.

Ask yourself: How will you create value for other people? What warms your heart when you are doing, thinking, or hearing of it? (it can be contribution, help and services.)

#3 Earth 🌍

Credit: The Goddess Discovery Book V1 ©Zenned Out. 

Earth represents stability, nourishment, security, and home.

Earth is the most physically grounded element that all living things need it to survive. The earth is a rich and fertile substance that gives every living species energy and nutrition.

The colours of Earth are green, brown, and yellow.

The planet Saturn and the astrological signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are linked to the earth element. The root chakra is where the earth, which rules the body, is located. The strength and talents of Earth, while significant, can only be fully realised in the company of the other elements – lazy, dependent.

Ask yourself: What are you proud of in your life? What do you hold true by heart? (it can be uncompromised values and principles.)

#4 Air 💨

Credit: The Goddess Discovery Book V1 ©Zenned Out. 

Air represents knowledge, communication, and creativity.

All living things, including plants and animals, need air to survive and grow, making air the element of life itself. The air element is all around us, but breezes and winds are where we may see it most clearly.

Air is represented by the colours yellow, blue, white, and grey.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the zodiac signs that correlate to the air element, which is linked to Jupiter. The heart and throat chakras contain the element of air, which governs the mind. Air is necessary for breathing and living, but too much of it can be harmful – self-indulgent, unreliable.

Ask yourself: What are the things that set you apart from others? What makes you unique? (it can be your voice and your spirit.)

So, back to the question, “Are you a Fire, Water, Earth or Air?”

There is no ONE answer because we are ALL of them and these 4 elements remind us to live our lives that are worth remembering, loving and cherishing.

Just like how MonStar Awards believe that your own unique story can be influencing, innovating and inspiring. 

In our Milky Way galaxy, there are roughly 300 billion stars, but not one of them is identical. 

No matter how big or little, every single thing in the cosmos reveals its own unique creative glory. Naturally, this applies to everyone on Earth as well.

So, if you are able to answer these 4 “element” questions:

  1. What is your passion/desire? 🔥
  2. How can you serve your community? 💧
  3. What belief do you hold true by heart? 🌍
  4. Who are you and what makes you different? 💨

Or you know someone that can,

Nominate your name or your friend’s name here

You will not regret it and will even thank yourself for believing the elements in your life.

Because everyone is unique like a star ⭐️